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The Lonely Planet Injury Guide: What a Physiotherapist really does

Over 12 years ago I packed up my bags and on the day of my 18th birthday, I hopped on a flight to Delhi for a five month trip that would change my life. India then and still now is a vast, chaotic and beautiful country. It would honestly take a lifetime to appreciate its breadth and depth completely. 

I spent my journey primarily in the north-western part of the country, teaching English in a small buddhist monastery at the foot of the Himalayas and traveling around to different areas when I could. 

The thing was, I had no idea where I was sometimes, nor what I needed to do, to get where I wanted to go. The bus system was confusing, and don’t even get me started on inefficiencies and chaos of India’s rail network.

Navigating pain and injury

When we’re in pain or injured. It can feel very similiar to my experience in India, or any experience you’ve had traveling and felt lost and a bit overwhelmed. 

Before we all had smartphones and widespread phone service and internet, the Lonely Planet guidebooks were essential in helping you get your bearings and find your way. My Lonely Planet guide to India was essentially my bible, and it was big enough to feel like one too. Anytime I got disoriented in a small town trying to find a place to eat or stay the night, it helped me out. Showing me which restaurants and guesthouses fit my budget and preferences.
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I feel Physiotherapists are like this. Whilst we perform our essential assessments and treatments. The most essential aspect of what we’ve always done is guide people. Back to sport after an injury, back to the community after hospital, back to living independently after a life threatening injury or chronic condition. 

Where do you want to go?

Where and how we guide people differs from client to client. Each person we see has different problems, and different goals they want to achieve. A Lonely Planet guide can only help someone if they know what they need/want. We help each person reflect on key activities they currently struggle with, then work collaboratively with them to guide a path forward to where those activities are completed with ease. 

Just like when we’re a little lost and overwhelmed traveling in a foreign country, navigating our way out of injury and pain can be challenging without help. Humans always go further together than alone. If you’re experiencing confusion, anxiety or frustration with how your body is feeling and what it can’t do. Reach out.

At Integrate Physio we pride ourselves in guiding the path back to trusting your body again and helping you do the things you didn’t think were possible.

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