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Neuromuscular Engagement

Here at TYBA Physio (formerly 8th Ave Physio), you can expect the most up to date evidence-based treatments which are targeted towards elevating your health and wellbeing. We separate ourselves from your average physiotherapist clinic via excellence in our service delivery. We have perfected this through many years of university education and clinical experience treating people with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Our trademarked Neuro-Muscular Engagement (NME) is one of the ways we separate ourselves from the rest! We use this technique to get people to trust in their body again! Through fine-tuning the link between you and your body, it works by laying the foundations which are crucial for people to reach their full potential.

So what is Neuro-Muscular Engagement?

It’s a form of exercise that has a strong emphasis on movement control. It specifically targets the connection between your brain and your muscular system. The input and output of both these systems are ramped up. This is done via a standardised process which can be adjusted and personalised to each individual.

The specifics are complex surrounding exactly how Neuro-Muscular Engagement works. To begin to understand its mechanisms you would need a fundamental understanding of human physiology, theoretical physics and biology. Keeping it simple, it works by recruiting a higher percentage of your muscles cross-sectional area than other common forms of exercise. By slowing down the speed at which you complete physical tasks you will get better bang for your buck. This is because this technique drives an increase in your neural tissue adaption. Also, it works to build a more efficient and robust muscular system. Lastly, Neuro-Muscular Engagement will enhance your mind-body connection.

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This will improve your movement patterns and your perceptual awareness.

Too many people in society are fearful that movement will cause an increase in their pain or worsen their condition. Whether they have had a recent injury and they are on the recovery trail or they have a recurring pain that won’t go away. These groups of people are commonly both fearful that their pain will get worse if they ask their body to complete basic functional tasks such as a squat. This unwarranted fear drives people to avoid the things that we love to do most.

8th Ave Physio - Palm Beach Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

Does this sound familiar to you?

This fear of movement may be leading to you avoiding playing with your kids. It could be getting in the way of your returning to playing a sport or even completing your favourite weekly exercise routine. Neuro-Muscular Engagement works at crashing down these perceptual and emotional barriers to functional movements. This lays down the perfect foundational movement patterning which is essential for the future strength and conditioning.

This will accelerate you towards your full potential help to achieve your performance peaks and ultimately will enhance your quality of life!

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