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Physiotherapy near me in Palm Beach

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Physiotherapy near me in Palm Beach

The Gold Coast is a beautiful place to live, especially if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, sometimes our bodies just don’t feel up to par. Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury, chronic pain or simply want to improve your overall health, physiotherapy appointments are a great way to start feeling better again.

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According to Google reviews, TYBA Physio is the #1 physiotherapy clinic in Palm Beach. Book an appointment today and have your pain or injury assessed; whether you’ve got shoulder pain, posture issues or other musculoskeletal injuries, we’ll help you get back to trusting your body again and doing the things you love.

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8th Ave Physio - Palm Beach Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

Kieran Spillane


From working with elite teams and athletes to working with chronic pain and in medical clinics. The one thing that still gives me a buzz is when I genuinely understand why my client is seeking help, and then guiding them to a Better Being.

I am fortunate enough to have developed and fine-tuned my own method from delivering over 20,000 consultations.

I guided my clients back from pain and injury and now I’ve put together a team of internationally renowned physio’s.

We treat clients everywhere from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast all the way over to the UK, as well as clients in America and Asia.

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