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Exercise Physiology

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)
specializes in prescribing exercise as a medicine.

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We know of no greater therapy to combat nearly all chronic conditions at once than performing safe exercise, however many of us go into it with unrealistic expectations and the self-assuredness that we know exactly what and how much exercise we should do. And that’s the healthy people!

An AEP is a university-qualified health, well-being and performance professional who is equipped with the knowledge and skills to design and deliver a safe, tailored exercise program for whatever your needs are. Their expertise ranges from chronic niggles, chronic severe pain, post-surgical rehab (both joint and heart surgeries), neurological rehab (strokes, brain injuries etc) and even to sports performance.

If exercise was a pill, we’d swallow it – so make sure you get your dosage right. See our AEP today.

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