Lower Back Pain: The 3 Exercises You Can and Need to Start Today

Bird Dog Exercises for lower back pain

https://youtu.be/P194ne3411YThere is a plethora of information telling people what they can do for their lower back. From the sale of complex back braces and fancy orthopaedic mattresses, to fear motivated exercise avoidance and strong pain relief medication, there are many expensive and complicated approaches to getting much-needed relief. But suppose you are like me and […]

Difference Between Exercise Physiology And Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy vs Exercise Physiology

So you have decided to reach out to a health care professional with the aim of improving your health? Maybe that’s to improve pain, lose a little weight, get stronger, or a number of other possibilities.  You have most probably been to, or know someone, that has seen a Physiotherapist before, but now you have […]