Sedentarism and exercise – the real reason why people don’t exercise

Couch potato

Exercise is movement made hard We make exercise hard because we have to use more effort to get our bodies moving. And when we’re not used to using that much effort, it can be really tough. So now, every time I think of people not doing exercise, I’m like, yeah, it was hard. Because it’s […]

Workcover – how it works

An accident in work site. Woman worker has an accident on the floor in factory site

One of the more frequent questions we get asked at Integrate physio is about the Workcover QLD system and how it works. Most of us will never have to use it,however there are some very important things to know about the process that may save you some time and energy in the future. Workcover – […]

Lower Back Pain: The 3 Exercises You Can and Need to Start Today

Bird Dog Exercises for lower back pain is a plethora of information telling people what they can do for their lower back. From the sale of complex back braces and fancy orthopaedic mattresses, to fear motivated exercise avoidance and strong pain relief medication, there are many expensive and complicated approaches to getting much-needed relief. But suppose you are like me and […]

How to Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain is never an easy thing to manage. It can feel particularly intense compared to other areas of musculoskeletal pain due to its close proximity to our locus of attention and most of our senses (sight, hearing, smell etc).  Because we use our neck in almost every movement in daily life, neck pain (acute […]

Will Neck Pain Go Away

The first thought that comes to mind once you’ve injured yourself or started feeling pain is ‘will this go away?’ or ‘how long will this last?’. Neck pain in particular is especially unpleasant, it can limit almost every basic activity in our daily lives. Whether it’s just rolling over in bed, lifting our coffee cup […]

The Best Exercises for Neck Pain

Our bodies are meant to move. One of the biggest contributors to musculoskeletal pain generally is inactivity. When you consider our evolutionary past, and how we live currently. It’s no wonder many of us have an abundance of aches and pains.  And yet, many of us ignore these or seek medical treatments or massages or […]

Run faster, for longer and with fewer injuries!

Over 5 million Aussies choose to run for exercise. Most choose to for the health benefits, affordability and convenience but then there are some that just love to run. Crazily, 50-70% of runners will get injured every year. Mastering your running technique is the best way to reduce your injury risk. However, if you Google […]

Does surgery fix the mind or the meniscus? 

The mind is a powerful healing tool when it is given the chance. So powerful that some orthopaedic surgeries are now being called out as nothing more than a placebo. The placebo effect – the idea that your brain can conveniently give your body a fake treatment is a real deal – has been around […]

An Inner Silence Fuels A Louder Life 

“The quieter the mind the louder the life.” – Matshona Dhliwayo Achieving a state of inner-silence through mindfulness practices will turn your life up to 11! Inner-silence is relaxation to the point where your mind is free from thoughts and emotions. It will allow you to overcome life’s challenges and has been proven to enrich […]

The Mind-Body Flux 

We all know the benefits that physical exercise can have on our physical state. It’ll prevent you from developing a stack of chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, and osteoporosis to name a few. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of the benefits that physical exercise has on […]