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Bachelor of Exercise Science / Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Grad Certificate Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Grad Certificate in Applied Coaching

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Neck & Shoulder Pain, Human Behaviour Psychology, Nervous-system regulation, Applied Coaching & Embodiment Practices


Kieran Spillane

Founder of Trust your body again, Physiotherapist & Wellness Coach

“Hi, I’m Kieran Spillane, the heart and mind behind Trust Your Body Again (TYBA). For over 12 years, I’ve guided thousands toward holistic health, delivering over 25,000 consultations and blending my expertise in neuroscience, holistic coaching, and embodiment practices to address stress, pain, and trauma.

My own wellness journey began when, as a teenager, I had a mountain bike accident that resulted in a painful spine fracture. This early brush with traditional rehabilitation methods, which felt both impersonal and tedious, planted the seeds for my career focused on a more compassionate, person-centred approach. During my struggles with these methods, particularly the endless cycle of mind-numbing and contextually irrelevant rehab, I saw the need for a more empathetic approach to healing—one that saw beyond the person’s condition.

This pivotal realisation deepened when I encountered a significant personal challenge: a diagnosis of ADHD during my university years. Receiving this label brought a flood of emotions and memories. It reminded me of the days spent grappling with rehabilitation exercises, where I felt reduced to a set of symptoms rather than being seen as a whole person. The diagnosis, meant to help me understand myself better, instead made me feel confined within a box labelled with deficits and dysfunctions.

This experience could have been a setback, but it ignited a fierce determination within me. I resolved not to be defined by labels or confined by traditional perceptions of mental and physical health. Instead, this diagnosis catalysed my quest to explore more empathetic and practical approaches to health and well-being. I became driven to ensure that others wouldn’t feel as I had—marginalised and disempowered by their conditions.

Embracing this new purpose, I studied holistic health practices, neuroscience, and embodiment techniques with a fresh perspective. I sought knowledge to challenge conventional methods and dismantle and rebuild them in a way that recognised and respected the full complexity of individual experiences. This pursuit was not just about accumulating knowledge but about transforming it into actionable, compassionate practices that could be tailored to the unique contours of each person’s life.

My journey wasn’t merely academic; it was deeply personal. Each step and discovery took on additional meaning as I applied these insights first to my own life and then to my practice. By combining these innovative approaches with a foundation of empathy and understanding, I developed a way to help individuals manage and thrive beyond their diagnoses and difficulties.

Today, my method is encapsulated in five core principles: Acceptance, Attitude, Awareness, Activity, and Accountability. Each principle plays a vital role in my coaching, helping clients embrace their current state, cultivate a positive attitude towards recovery, increase body awareness, encourage meaningful activity, and maintain accountability for their health journey. These principles aren’t just abstract concepts; they are practical, everyday actions that I weave into every session, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and goals.

I’ve also authored “Trust Your Body Again: 5 Principles to Physically Reconnect, Emotionally Heal, and Thrive in Modern Life,” a guide deepening my holistic healing philosophy. The book shares my professional insights and personal stories that highlight the journey of transformation—both my own and those of my clients. My neuro-muscular engagement technique, a cornerstone of my practice, has helped countless clients rediscover their body’s capabilities and foster a lasting connection to their physical selves.

Away from work, my life is rich with the joys of family and the outdoors on the Southern Gold Coast. Whether it’s brewing the perfect cup of coffee after a morning BJJ roll or improving my skills by listening to an audiobook, I find these moments invaluable. I also stay active in the community, participating in local health initiatives and offering free wellness workshops.

As I look to the future, I am excited about expanding my practice to include more holistic health programs and another book. My family inspires me daily, pushing me to learn, grow, and share the gift of wellness with everyone I meet.”

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