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Bachelor of Exercise Science / Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Completing Master of Musculoskeletal & Sports Physio

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  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
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  • Sports Medicine Australia.
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Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neuromatrix, Functional Rehab

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Kieran Spillane


“I really don’t like doing planks! They are uncomfortable, difficult to do, and more importantly, most of my clients find them annoying. This aversion to torturous exercise most likely comes from having to do them as a 13-year-old, following an unfortunate accident where I fractured my spine.

The rehab, which included planks and subtle spinal stability exercise, was challenging to adhere to as a teenager. Especially when all I wanted to do was to get back onto that dreaded bike which caused the accident in the first place.

Fast forward seven years… I find myself planking in the university physio lab, reliving my spinal rehab all over again. The thought that popped into my head, as the ‘burn’ was starting to creep through my body, was ‘surely we had thought of a better way to strengthen backs’.

So you can imagine my excitement! When I graduated and my mentor, Victor Popov, finally opened my eyes to a ‘better way’.

Discovering this novel approach revolutionised my physio practise and how I guided my clients back from pain and injury. Now, I am fortunate enough to have developed and fine-tuned my own method from delivering over 18,000 consultations.

From working with elite teams and athletes to working with chronic pain and in medical clinics. The one thing that still gives me a buzz is when I genuinely understand why my client is seeking help, and then guiding them to a Better Being.

This drives me to never stop learning, practice what I preach (as best I can, no one is perfect), and improve the health & wellbeing of my community.

OK, so that’s enough shop talk. I do have a life. I’m lucky to live with my beautiful wife on the Gold Coast, where it is more comfortable outside than in, and I spend as much spare time with my kids as I can and sipping coffee in a GC cafe. I love Rugby (Union that is) and sport as a whole, I pretend to be a Masterchef when I get the time, and I love cheap Tuesday Tacos.

Above all, My family is most important to me.”